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Meet Maria Elena

Spaces are like books. They are story-tellers, they reflect the chapter you are on in your life. You are the writer of this book, so you get to decide, the story you want to tell.  

What kind of story do you want to tell?


My story begins in Mexico City where I was born and raised. I attended university and studied Applied Mathematics. A career in the oil industry gave me the opportunity to travel extensively and also brought me to live in Houston and San Francisco. Finally, I settled in Los Angeles and stayed home to raise my twins, Nicole and Maximilian. The diversity of L.A. spurred my interest in all forms of art. 


Fast forward to 2019 when our family made a complete shift and moved to a beautiful seaside town on the Mediterranean Coast of Spain. Here I developed my passion for interior design and the awareness that our environments reflect our stories.


I am certified as a Home Stager and an Interior Decorator and a Professional Member of Certified Interior Decorators International, Inc. (C.I.D.) 


Let your story create your dream space! 

I am currently taking on new projects and would love to make your dream a reality.

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